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 When it comes to quality home improvements in Round Lake, IL, no one does it better than Your IT Guy. We specialize in a wide range of services, from lighting installation to fixture upgrades and even plumbing services. Let us help you bring your vision to life with our comprehensive home services.

Professional Electrical Installation Services for Round Lake and the Surrounding Areas

If you are on the search for a trustworthy provider of electrical services look no further than Your IT Guy. We provide a wide range of electrical services from simple light fixture installation to complex service panel upgrades and everything in between.

Need your indoor or outdoor light fixtures updated or replaced? We are here to assist. Each of our electricians is licensed with the state and is bound to follow the electrical code when doing upgrades or new installs. We pride ourselves in quality safe work for your home or business.

Need an EV charger installed in your garage, we handle both level 1 and level 2 charging options for a wide range of EV manufacturers.

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Here Is a Brief Description of the 2 Residential Charging Options.

Level 1 Charging: Level 1 charging stations use 110V power and work by plugging your electric car into a standard receptacle outlet in the garage and plugging the adaptor into the vehicle. Level 1 chargers provide a lower level of charging and may require up to 24 hours to fully charge a near-empty vehicle*. Level 1 chargers are ideal for those who drive less than 40 miles per day, as the vehicle will not need a full charge every night.

Level 2 Charging: Level 2 chargers require a 208/240-volt power source and a separate dedicated circuit to the charging station location. Level 2 chargers provide a higher level of charging, allowing the vehicle to reach full charge in a shorter time interval*. Many Level 2 chargers can fully charge an EV in three to seven hours. Level 2 chargers are the most common EV chargers in public spaces, including hotels, parking garages, and stores.

*Charging times will vary between vehicle and level 2 charger manufacturers.

Service panel upgrade or replacement. If you are looking for an evaluation or upgrade of an existing service panel we got you covered. We provide a wide range of services like new panel installs, old panel replacement, or an existing panel upgrade. Need more power from ComEd? We could assist there also. Our licensed electricians completely understand the process for service upgrades and will cover all bases. Work will be done professionally, and strictly to code. That is the way we do it.

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If you’re in Round Lake, IL, Your IT Guy is the ultimate solution for all your home service needs. Are you looking for a generator for your home? Talk to one of our professionals to evaluate the options that will meet your needs. Interested in smart devices like smart switches, or home automation. We could help you with the planning and installation of these complex devices. Our internal teams work together to get you the best solutions for your projects.

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